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On the morning of September 14, a cooperation signing ceremony was held between ZJUI and Center for Balance Architecture (BAC) of Zhejiang University in Xixi Campus. Prof.Ma Hao, ZJUI Vice Dean, and Dong Danshen, Director of BAC attended the signing...
Three papers written by junior students of Civil Engineering major of ZJUI were collected by the 2020 World Congress on Advances in Civil, Environmental, & Materials Research (ACEM20)/The 2020 Structures Congress (Structures20)
All the freshmen of undergraduate, master and doctorate, and more than a hundred exchange students from UIUC participated in the event with enthusiasm and longing.
The meeting mainly conveyed and learned the spirit of the mid-year meeting of ZJU and the campus, studyed the next five-year plan of ZJUI, and deployed the educating work of the fall semester of 2020.
ZJUI PhD candidate Hanzhi MA won the top international award for graduate students in the field of electromagnetic compatibility-IEEE EMC Society President’s Memorial Award. This is the first time that the award has been given to a graduate student...
On August 24, the eight-member team of ZJUI undergraduates BAO Zichen, DONG Wenlan, LIU Zhuping, LI Jingshu, LIU Bowen, WANG Chenhao, CHANG Junyu, and SU Yipeng won a gold award from the 6th Zhejiang College Students’ ‘Internet Plus’ Innovation and...
Professor Li Erping, the Dean of ZJUI attended the 3rd Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Conference (SHAI2020) as an academic expert and gave a keynote speech entitled "Artificial intelligence spiking neuromorphic chip".
The STEM Week online course, jointly organized by ZJUI and Dunman High School, Singapore in July, attracted many high school students who have a passion for science and engineering.
Professor Philip T. Krein, the Executive Dean of ZJU-UIUC Institute, Zhejiang University, will receive the 2021 IEEE Transportation Technologies Award.
This project was published in Langmuir, a well-known international journal in interface research, and was shown on the cover as one of the featured research project.
From Dean and Executive Dean of ZJUI
On the morning of May 30, Beijing time, the Commencement for Class of 2020, the first cohort students of Zhejiang University-University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Joint Institute(short for ZJUI) was held in the International Campus of Zhejiang...
Prof. Zhu Tingju’s research paper “Viewing Agricultural Water Management Through a Systems Analysis Lens” is awarded as “Top Downloaded Paper 2018-2019” and has been recognized as one of the most read in Water Resources Research.
Recently, Professor Li Erping, Dean of ZJUI, was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Awards for Introducing and Cultivating Talents of Zhejiang University" for his outstanding contributions.
The research team led by Prof. Xiao and Prof. Demartino is in charge of developing “Key Technology of Cost-effective Prefabricated and Hybrid Ecological Bamboo Structural Systems” and “Intelligent Construction Technology of Cost-effective Bamboo...