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Campus Safety

Our campus is based in a city which ranked 8th in the 2016 China Top Safety City Ranking. Public safety always comes first however students and teachers here should still be aware, as they would anywhere, to prevent unlucky things like Theft, Fraud etc.


Security: 110 

Traffic: 110 

Fire: 122 

Emergency: 120

Campus Police (24 hours on duty): 0571-87572110

Campus Monitor Room 1(24 hours on duty): 0571-87572119

Campus Monitor Room 2(24 hours on duty): 0571-87572116


1. FIRE - If you discover a fire, operate the nearest fire alarm call point or, if no alarm is provided, shout “FIRE”.

2. If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building by the nearest available escape route and go to your assembly area. Lifts must not be used in the event of fire, unless designated as a fire evacuation lift.

3. In the event of a fire or other serious incident requiring the attendance of the Fire and Rescue Service:

(1) Dial the Emergency Number 119 

(2)State your name, location and telephone number. Supply any details of the location and the nature of the emergency which they may request.

(3)Wait for confirmation that your message has been understood.

(4) If possible, arrange for someone to be at the main entrance to the building, to show the Fire and Rescue Service the way to the incident.


Campus Clinic

Campus Clinic opens Zhejiang Province - Hangzhou city - Jiaxing City health line to provide medical service for teachers and students, e.g. internal medicine or surgery, emergency, intramuscular, intravenous, debridement dressing and other common diseases.

Haining People's Hospital also open a Green Channel to provide convenient and efficient health care services for teachers and students.


Contact us: Campus Clinic

Time: Mon-Fri 8:00-21:00

         Sat-Sun (or holiday) 8:00-17:00

Emergency dail for other time.

Medical care system

Medical care system is running normally in the Clinic now. More details are listed as follow:

1. Various Medical care system, including Zhejiang Province’s, Hangzhou city ’s, Zhejiang University ’s and Zhejiang Medical care one-card system can be used in our Clinic.

2. Please take Medical records and Medicare card with you when you go to the clinic.

3. Self-paying is required for overseas students and the refund can be claimed in the insurance company with medical records and other certificates.

For International Students, every student will be provided with Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Student. (Relevant medical insurance items can be found at

Specialist clinic service in Haining People’s Hospital

To get convenient medical care service in Haining People’s Hospital, you can:

1.Follow Haining People’s Hospital Official Account on WeChat and make appointment via it. The official account offers all the basic information of specialists from different departments and their schedule. Except for self-appointment, you can also print your checklist and find out the charge policy for different services. 

2.If there is no available specialist clinic service or you have specific need for schedule, you can contact campus clinic who can help you make appointment. 

3.Contact number: 0571-87572120;Working time: Workday 8:30 – 11:00 ,13:00 – 20:00;Holidays 8:30 – 11:00,13:00 – 16:30.




Residence Permit, Entry-Exit Certificate, Foreigner Security and other service are provided in Campus Police office.

Contact Us: Campus Police Office

Address: Gymnasium Room 119

Tel: 0571-87572110

Time: Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00

Contact: Xiaodong Cao      Tel: +86 571 87572120

Office of Campus Development and Management (CDM)