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ZJU Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs:            
How to apply

1. Please download the application form here:

Application Form for ZJU International Undergraduate Programs in Engineering.docx

2. Fill in the application form and send it together with all the other required materials to:

Submit required materials:

  • An admission essay

  • High school transcripts

  • Transcripts of recognized tests such as ACT or SAT or IB or A-level from the examining authority

  • Transcripts of recognized english tests such as TOEFL or IELTS if your native language is not English

Applications are reviewed based on all factors in the application record, and will not be considered until they have all materials submitted.

Minimum Requirements

Applicants must meet, and submit scores for, at least one of the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission.

For  new SAT exam, a score in the range 1200 (620 minimum in Mathematics, and  650 minimum in Reading & Writing).
ACT  Composite score of 25 minimum.
An  overall score of 30 points, including 6 in Mathematics and Physics at higher  level.
ABB,  in one sitting, to include Mathematics and Physics. GCSEs: Mathematics at Grade  B and English at Grade C.

The programs are highly competitive and successful applicants are likely to exceed the minimum requirements substantially.

Tuition & Fees

RMB 80,000 yuan / Academic Year


1. Support Scholarships

 Each international student admitted, will be granted a support scholarship, which covers:

 • Partial Tuition Waiver: RMB 32,000 yuan/ Academic Year

Each scholarship will be reviewed annually and renewed up to four academic years on the conditions that the student meets requirements for satisfactory progress toward the degrees and follows the rules of Zhejiang University.


2. Need-based Scholarships

For admitted students with financial needs, an annual level of tuition waiver above a partial waiver will be considered, consistent with the documented needs and qualifications of the student.



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Attachment: Application Form.docx

Attachement: 2021 ZJUI Admission Handbook.pdf