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Dr. Huan Hu (PI)


Dr. Huan Hu earned the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at Tsinghua University in China, and obtained his Ph.D. in the ECE department working with Prof. William P. King in 2014.  He then joined IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a postdoctoral research scientist at almost 3 years.  He has led projects in both academia and industry and published 20 peer-reviewed journal papers published in international-recognized journals including Advanced Materials, PNAS, Biomaterials and Nanotechnology. Moreover, he has a strong application-oriented mindset and filed 18 US patent disclosures (5 patents granted) and 3 Chinese patents (2 patents granted). In addition, he has also assisted and led several successful funded proposals including a 2 million dollars NSF EFRI award and a 200,000 dollars industrial award. 

His research interest includes advanced nanomanufacturing, bio-inspired sensing, micro/nano-sensors and lab on chip. He is now leading Nanomanufacturing and Biomimetics Research Group at ZJUI. 

He is passionate in working with teams to develop technology to address the urgent air and water polution issue as well as the increasingly expensive healthcare issue.

Heyuan Li (Teddy)Heyuan Li.jpg


Teddy is an Electronic engineering sophomore student at International Campus Zhejiang University, graduated from Hangzhou No.2 High School. Having devoted four years in robotic competition, he has won several prizes: first prize in Zhejiang teenager robotic competition as individual, first prize in FLL event of China teenager robotic competition as a team member, and the Champion of Mechanic Design in FLL OEC held in Spain as a team member. The experience in robotic competition has taught me the importance of team work, exploring one’s limitation of innovation and showing respect for others; in addition, the exhausting days of building and testing the robots has improved his ability of concentrating on one project and giving it the best try. 

He likes developing stuffs that help people live better and he has the experience as well as the skills to turn concepts into reality. 

His motto is: never give up, because wonderful things are about to happen.Heyuan Li.jpg

Chao Xu (Dustin)


Dustin is a sophomore at ZJU-UIUC Institute (ZJUI), majoring in electronics and computer engineering (ECE). He took the runner-up of Zhejiang Youth Electronic Production Championships during the middle school. As recommended to Xiaoshan High School, Zhejiang Province, he began to learn programming and won the second prize in National Olympiad in informatics in Provinces (NOIP). Later, He was admitted to ZJUI and won the National Scholarship in his freshman year.

He is interested in deep learning and its applications. He has a passion for integrating software and hardware skills in developing practical devices.

Junhan Zhao (Han)


Han is an Electronic engineering sophomore student at International Campus Zhejiang University, graduated from Shanxi Experimental Secondary School. During the learning in university, the charm of science has totally fascinated him. Therefore, he joined some academic groups to perform scientific research. He believes the meaning of engineering is to turn technology into productivity. Therefore, converting some concepts into realistic technology gives him a sense of satisfaction. He hopes this project can not only enrich his academic experience but also improve useful engineering skills.

His motto is: The shortest answer is doing.

Xiangwei Shen (Otto)


Otto is a sophomore student in International Campus Zhejiang University, majoring in electrical engineering. After one and half years' theory study, he found that it was very important to do exercises with his own hands. So he spent 10 days in Yuquan Campus together with two classmates, learning how to improve the efficiency of wireless charging. First they learned modeling and simulation, from which he integrated theory with practice. After modeling and testing for many times, they got the final result, which is recognized by Prof. Ma.

He loves studying, but he is not satisfied with just learning in theory. So he applied for this chance to do some research. He believes that he will learn a lot besides books and work out a good achievement together with his partners.

Mingrui Zhu (Stephen)


Stephen is a sophomore student majored in Electrical Engineering at International Campus, Zhejiang University. He graduated from Guangzhou Zhixin High School, and the three years of studying there has taught him the necessity of pursuing greatness.

Stephen is currently seeking for the practical conversion of his knowledge so far, and he would like to know more about sensors and circuit design. In this coming project, he hopes to gain more experience in both teamwork at a higher level and individual capability of solving problems.  

Yuxuan Xu (Sam)


Sam is an electrical and computer engineering sophomore student at ZJU-UIUC institute. He has a lot of experience with web development and Linux operating system, and has a passion in learning software and hardware development on embedded systems, including but not limited to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar devices.

Through participating in a practical project, he hopes to improve his own skills in development and engineering, practice cooperating with fellow students, and enjoy the happiness of turning knowledge to actual productivity.

Minxi Chen (Bill)


Bill is a sophomore student majored in Electrical Engineering at International Campus, Zhejiang University. He graduated from Hangzhou Xuejun High School. 

He is always curious about machines and devices in the daily life. Recently he is inspired by the the launch of Falcon Heavy. It encourages him to be a great engineer. He believes that the best method of learning is to start a practical project and understand how the theoretical knowledge turns to application. 

Positions are open now !

Positions are now open for postdocs and graduate students. Self-motivated undergraduate students are also encouraged to join our lab. Postdoc can receive as high as 300,000RMB per year (equivalent to 45,000 US Dollars) if he/she gets Ph.D. from one of the top 50 universities in the world. International applicants can also apply for the government scholarship that pays for graduate education and also abundant stipends.

Dr. Huan Hu has abundant experience and networks in both acadamia and industry. He is determined to help students to achieve their career goals. If interested in joining the Nanomanufacturing and Biomimetics Lab, please contact Dr. Huan Hu