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Prospective Staff

2020 Laboratory Engineer Recruitment

ZJU-UIUC Institute

Work Place: Haining City, Zhejiang Province

Salary: the Institute will provide you with favorable package, including the apartment with lower rental fee, meals supplement, annual physical examination, legal holidays, paid winter and summer vacation, etc.






CE Lab Engineer1


1. Assist in the planning and construction of Civil Engineering Laboratory;

2. Responsible for the daily management of Civil Engineering laboratory;

3. Responsible for the experimental teaching and guidance of civil engineering courses.

4. Responsible for the use and management of civil engineering instruments and equipment;

5. Other work related to laboratory construction and development and matters assigned by leaders.

1. Major in civil and other engineering from well known universities;

2. Master degree or above, or bachelor degree with more than two years of working experience;

3. Familiar with civil engineering, structure engineering, traffic engineering, etc

4. Strong communication and coordination ability and sense of responsibility, good sense of service and teamwork;

5. Good command of English and Chinese.


Application Method:

1)Please send all the application material to the email box:, and indicate the position + name in your email, the Institute will inform the qualified candidates to attend the interview. Early entry is preferred.

2)Application materials: Resume in Both Chinese and English; Relevant certificates of English proficiency; Other awards and certificates.

         3)Deadline: Dec.31, 2020

Address: No.718 East Haizhou Road,Haining City, Zhejiang Province