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1.   本学期课程列表






CS 101 UC




Math 221UC




Chem 102UC




Chem 103UC




Rhet 101UC




Engr 100UC




Engl 101GN











上述课程可分类:Above courses can be categorized into:

1)   基础课:微积分I,普通化学I,普通化学实验I

2)   选修课:计算导论:工程与科学

3)   入门引导和职业规划课:工程学导论

4)   写作课程: 写作原理

5)   博雅教育必修课: 外语I,体育I,形式与政策I

All freshmen at ZJU-UIUC Institute are required to take all above courses in fall semester 2016.

Course CodeSubject Area + Catalog Number + Institute code

 Institute code: ZJU-UIUC = UC, ZJU-UOE = UE, Liberal Arts & Sciences College = GN

2.   Course Description

Computer Science 101


Introduce Computing: Engineering & Science
  Credit: 3 hours.
  Fundamental principles, concepts, and methods of computing, with emphasis on   applications in the physical sciences and engineering. Basic problem solving   and programming techniques; fundamental algorithms and data structures; use   of computers in solving engineering and scientific problems. Intended for   engineering and science majors. 


MATH 220 (Calculus) or MATH 221(Calculus I).


Online   Textbook


CS 101 Lec:  Dr. Tao Xie
Dr. Tao Xie is an Associate Professor and Willett Faculty   Scholar in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois   at Urbana-Champaign. Before July 2013, he was an Associate Professor in the   Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He   received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Washington at   Seattle in 2005. Before that, he received an MS in Computer Science from the   University of Washington in 2002, an MS in Computer Science from Peking   University in 2000, and a BS in Computer Science from Fudan University in   1997. He has worked as a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research. His   research interests are in software engineering, focusing on software testing,   program analysis, software analytics, software security, and educational   software engineering.
  CS 101 Lab A1:
Dr. Zicheng Liao
  CS 101 Lab B1: Dr. Qinxian Shen

Mathematics   221


Calculus I
  Credit: 4 hours.
  First course in calculus and analytic geometry for students with some   calculus background; basic techniques of differentiation and integration with   applications including curve sketching; anti differentiation, the Riemann   integral, fundamental theorem, exponential and trigonometric functions. Credit   is not given for both MATH 221(Calculus I) and either MATH 220 (Calculus) or   MATH 234.


High School Calculus

Textbook   for Math 221U

Title: Calculus:Early   Transcendentals
  Author: James Stewart
  Press: Cengage
  ISBN: 978-1285741550
  Edition: 8th


Math 221 Lec: Dr.   Zhong-Jin Ruan
Dr.   Zhong-Jin Ruan is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at   Urbana-Champaign. Prof. Ruan received his BA from Nankai University in   Tianjin, China in 1982, an MA from Pennsylvania State University in 1984, and   his PhD from UCLA in 1987. He has been on the UIUC faculty since 1988. His   research interests include operator spaces, operator algebras, and locally   compact quantum groups.
  Math 221 Disc A1:
Keren Chen
  Math 221 Disc B1: Jiaqing Jiang

Chemistry   102


General Chemistry I
  Credit: 3 hours.
  For students who have some prior knowledge of chemistry. Principles governing   atomic structure, bonding, states of matter, stoichiometry, and chemical   equilibrium.


One year of high school chemistry or equivalent. All students   enrolled in CHEM 102 should also enroll in CHEM 103.


Title: Chemistry
  Author: Steven S. Zumdahl
  Press: Brooks Cole
  Edition: 9th
  Title: Lab Manual for Zumdahl/Zumdahl's Chemistry
  Author: Steven S. Zumdahl
  Press: Cengage Learning
  Edition: 9th
  Title: Student Solutions Guide for Zumdahl/Zumdahl's Chemistry
  Press: Cengage Learning
  Edition: 9th


Chem 102 Lec, Chem 102 Quiz: Dr. Min  Wang

Dr. Min Wang is a Professor of Chemistry from Zhejiang   University. She received her BS from Peking University, China in 1997, and   PhD from Ohio State University. She was post doc at UIUC from 2002 to 2003,   and visiting scholar at UCSD from 2014 to 2015.



Chemistry 103


General   Chemistry Lab I
  Credit: 1 hour

  Laboratory studies to accompany CHEM 102 (General Chemistry I).


Credit   or concurrent registration in CHEM 102(General Chemistry I) is required.


Title: Lab   Manual for Zumdahl/Zumdahl's Chemistry
  Author: Steven S. Zumdahl
  Press: Cengage Learning
  Edition: 9th


Chemistry   103 Lab: Dr. Xiuqiong   Zeng

Dr   Xiuqiong Zeng is an Associate Professor of Chemistry from Zhejiang   University. She received her BS in 1995 and PhD in 2003 from Zhejiang University,   China.

Rhetoric   and Composition 101


Principles of Writing
  Credit: 3 hours
  Instruction in structuring academic, argumentative essays, including how to   develop thesis statements and use evidence across different types of writing.   This course is the first semester of a two-semester sequence (RHET 101 - RHET   102) that fulfills the campus Composition I general education requirement.



Textbook   for Rhetoric and Composition 101U


1. Title: So What? The Writer`s Argument
  Author: Schick and Schubert, Press: Oxford University Press , Edition: 1st
  2. Title: The Little Seagull Handbook with Exercises
  Author: Bullock, Brody, Weinberg, Press: Norton, Edition: 2nd

Group 2:
  1. Title: Writing Analytically
  Author: David Rossenwasser, Press: Cengage, Edition: 7th
  2. Title: Norton Sampler
  Author: Thomas Cooley, Press: Norton, Edition: 8th
  3. Title: Classic Fairy Tales Norton Critical Edition
  Author: Maria Tata, Press: Norton, Edition: 1st
  4. Title: They Say, I Say
  Author: Gerald Graff, Press: Norton, Edition: 3rd


Rhetoric   and Composition 101: Dr. Aaron LaDuke, Dr. Marilyn Holguin

Dr. Aaron LaDuke is   a Lecturer in the English Department at the University of Illinois at   Urbana-Champaign and was previously a Lecturer in the Department of Language   and Literature at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Dr. LaDuke received   his BA from Northwestern University and earned a PhD in American literature   from Ohio University. He has been teaching writing and literature courses for   the past 17 years.
  Dr. Marilyn Holguin is a lecturer in the English Department at the University   of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She received her BA with honors at Lafayette   College (Easton, PA) in 2005 and her PhD in English Literature at the   University of Illinois in 2015. She specializes in British literature from   the long eighteenth-century (1660-1800) with a focus on Restoration tragedies   and early novels.

TA: Dantong   Zhao

Engineering   100 A


Engineering Orientation
  Credit: 1 hour.
  Serious lectures and seminars are for orientation required of new freshmen in   the ZJU-UIUC institute. Approved for S/U grading only.


Online Textbook


Dr. Philip Krein

Philip T. Krein received the B.S.   degree in electrical engineering and the A.B. degree in economics and   business from Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, and the M.S. and Ph.D.   degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana. At   present, he holds the Grainger Endowed Emeritus Chair in Electric Machinery   and Electromechanics and is Professor Emeritus and Director of the Grainger   Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics. Dr. Krein is a registered   professional engineer in Illinois and in Oregon. He was a senior Fulbright   Scholar at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom in 1997-98, and was   recognized as a University Scholar in 1999, the highest research award at the   University of Illinois. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, and in 2003 received the   IEEE William E. Newell Award in Power Electronics. In 2015-2016, he is Chair   of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community. He was elected to the   U.S. National Academy of Engineering in 2016.


Dr. Er-ping Li

Er-Ping Li is   currently a Changjiang Distinguished Professor, Vice-Dean for Faculty of   Information Technology, Dean at ZJU-UIUC Institute, Director for RF and   Nanoelectronic Research Center at Zhejiang University, China. He received the   Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University,   Sheffield, U.K, in 1992 under the Scholar of Chinese Ministry of Education. Late   of 1992, he started to work in Singapore under the Singapore Government   Talent Plan served as a Senior Research Fellow, Principal Research Engineer   at the Singapore Research Institute and Industry.  In 2000, he joined the Singapore  A*STAR     National Research Institute of High Performance Computing as a Principal   Scientist and Director  of  the Electronic and Photonics  Department,    and then as  Senior Director for  Research of the Institute. Concurrently, he   works as Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer   Engineering (ECE) of National University of Singapore from 2002-2007. Dr Li   authored or co-authored over 400 papers published in the referred   international journals and conferences, authored two books published by   Wiley-IEEE Press (2012) and Cambridge University Press (2014). Dr Li is a   Fellow of IEEE (2008), and a Fellow of MIT Electromagnetics Academy, USA.



English   101


Integrated English

Credit: 4   hours.

Close   reading and analysis of poetry and other literary texts. Introduction to   argumentative strategies for writing about poetry. Addresses prosody, poetic   language (diction, metaphor, image, tone), and major verse forms (the sonnet,   elegy, ode, ballad, dramatic monologue, free verse). Students also study   poems from a range of literary periods and movements to learn how formal   qualities change and develop over time and are relevant to everyday life.


Online Textbook

Textbook   for ENG 101G

Title: Key Concepts1- reading and writing across the   disciplines
  Author: Barbara Smith-Palinkas, Kelly Croghan-Ford
  Press: Heinle
  Title: Key Concepts1- Listening, note taking, and speaking across the   disciplines
  Author: Elena Vestri Solomon, John Shelley
  Press: Heinle 


English101: Richard Johnson,  Paul   Madden,  Lynken Ghose

Mr. Johnson, Canadian, got his M.A. TESOL Degree from   University of Birmingham. He is also the holder of CELTA (Certificate in   English Language Teaching to Adults). Mr. Johnson has 10-year experience in   teaching ESL. He has taught English in universities in Korea and Thailand and   is held in high regard by both students and colleagues. He is well organized   and delivers well-balanced, pedagogically-sound lessons. Also, he creates a   friendly, non-threatening atmosphere and displays a genuine interest in the   success of his students. 

Mr. Madden, American, got his M.A. TESOL Degree from New York   University. He has 13 years teaching experience. He worked at Kaplan,   University of Miami and University of Wisconsin in the US and Tsinghua   University in China, and won high evaluation from the students. Mr. Madden is   a passionate teacher. He is dedicated to making learning interesting and   training students to be independent and collaborative learners. He has a   strong background in sociology and is doing research on social structure and   L2 motivation among Chinese University students.

Mr. Ghose, American, got his Ph.D. from McGill University and   Master's Degree from University of Pennsylvania. He has taught English   writing, reading, speaking, literature and culture courses for more than 20   years. He worked in universities in the US and Canada as an assistant   professor. He also has extensive teaching experience in universities and   schools in Thailand and China. Mr. Ghose focuses on training students'   academic skills and has a deep commitment to student success.


Physical   Education 101


Title: 健美操(第1版)


Physical Education 101 A1/ B1: Yajin Ye (Table Tennis),  Xiaolong Zhu (Gymnastics)


Yajin Ye held a bachelor’s degree. She is a senior table   tennis coach from the Dept. of Public Physical and Art Education, Zhejiang   University. She has been engaged in the teaching of table tennis. At present,   there are more than 500 students in her primary class and intermediate class   of table tennis.


Xiaolong Zhu received his bachelor's degree in 1998. He has   been engaged in teaching gymnastics. More than 500 students each year take   his class at Zhejiang University. Now he is a national gymnastics referee.