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Assistant Professor, ZJUI


Research: Built Environment, Energy-efficient, Healthy, and Sustainable Building

Research interests: 

PhD of Purdue University

My thesis work has developed and applied the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) -based adjoint method to identify the optimal air supply conditions to create the desired built environment. To achieve the flow control and fasterthan-real simulation of the built environment, my thesis work further developed fast fluid dynamics (FFD) with a suitable turbulence model in OpenFOAM. Finally, my thesis work applied the FFD-like algorithm to solve the adjoint equations and developed the FFD-based adjoint method to accelerate the inverse design procedure. Since 2011, I have published 25 journal papers, and I am the first author of 11 of these papers.

In 2011, I attended a CFD shootout contest “Prediction of duct fitting losses” (ASHRAE 1493-RP) sponsored by TC 5.2 and won the first place with $20,000 cash prize from more than ten competitors from all over the world.