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LI Chushan

Assistant Professor, ZJUI


Research: High Power Density Power Converter, Multilevel Converter, Transportation Electrification, High Power Drive System

Research interests: 

I am an experienced researcher in power electronics area. As a Ph.D. student in Zhejiang University, I 

have developed novel control method for single-phase AC-AC converter and published two first-author

top-level journal papers. During my postdoctoral research in Ryerson University, I have devoted

myself in doing researches on high power density converter for more electric aircraft (MEA). Furthermore,

I have independently developed simulation and optimization tools for the aerospace converter design,

several innovative soft-switching topologies for aerospace applications, and a compact heatsink

structure for aerospace converter. Two more first-author top-level journal papers have been published.

My future research will focus on investigating high performance power electronics converter design

methodology. The application areas will not limit to aerospace, but also aim to electric vehicle where

high performance converters are required. The research will give the industry a clear sight of how to

improve the overall performance of the power converter and how much it can be improved.