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Zhejiang University Signed a Contract with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. to Build a Joint Laboratory for Simulation Technology Research


The signing ceremony of Laboratory of Zhejiang University-Huawei for Simulation Research was held at Zhejiang University- University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Institute (hereinafter referred to as ZJUI). Prof. Li Erping, dean of ZJUI, and Dr. Honglin Bian, president of Consumers’ BG Hardware Research and Development for Huawei, representing Zhejiang University and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., signed the laboratory construction memorandum on the spot. Assistant President of ZJU, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of International Campus, ZJU, Fu Qiang and President Honglin Bian unveiled the plaque of the laboratory together. The building of the joint laboratory is based on the "Zhejiang University-Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Framework Cooperation Agreement (2015-2020)" and "Zhejiang University-Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement (2015-2020)". Huawei plans to invest 5 million yuan to support the construction of joint laboratories in the next five years. Yanmin Li, president of Huawei Research Institute in Hangzhou, Bo Lei, head of terminal part of Huawei's Consumer BG Research Group, Nan Xia, director of Huawei's consumer BG simulation laboratory, Xiaodong Zhang, president of the cooperation department of Huawei Research Institute, Yadan Xu, Director of Office of Scientific Research and Technology Transfer of the International Campus of Zhejiang University, and professors from College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, ZJU, professors from International Campus, Huawei engineers, technical experts, and some graduate students attended the signing ceremony.

The two sides hope that based on the solid and long-term relationship already existing between the organizations, the construction of the joint laboratory will deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation in scientific research and student development. Furthermore, they prioritized the collaboration on the EMC design, thermal design of 5G communications systems, and the electromagnetic technology of high-speed integrated circuits. On the afternoon of the same day, the Huawei and ZJUI corporation Seminar was also held.

Translator: Tingkai Liu