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Dean Li Erping Received 'Three Aspects of Education' Advanced Individual Title



On the night of Sept 28th, the 9th 'Three Aspects of Education' Advanced Individual Award Ceremony of Zhejiang University was held at Zijingang Campus. At this event, ZJUI Dean, Prof. Li Erping was awarded with the title of 'Three Aspects of Education' Advanced Individual and received the certificate of honor from university leaders.





Prof. Li has been served in teaching positions for years and committed to implementing the fundamental task of people cultivation. Especially after he has taken chair of ZJUI Dean, Prof. Li has been actively integrating and drawing on the experiences of ZJUI' s overseas cooperative partners. In accordance with the ZJU' s 'Double First-Class' initiative, he has put forward for ZJUI a cross-disciplinary and integrated instructional model. Therefore, over the past two years, the institute has made remarkable achievements in personnel training. Currently, Prof. Li himself is teaching the course ENG 100 and has been widely acclaimed by his students. Working conscientiously, he is particularly concerned with the efficiency of ZJUI's administration and student service. He is not only a leader of ZJUI faculty and staff but also a mentor and friend of ZJUI students.


'Three Aspects of Education' Advanced Group& Individual Award is a unique feature of the university culture of Zhejiang University and was established as an important manifestation of the university's efforts to fulfill the fundamental task of people cultivation and the continuous construction of the ethics and ethos of teachers. Ever since it has been established, the award has been well received by teachers and students with its large number of participants, huge influence and wide coverage. In selecting the recipients of the award, the university strives to further strengthen the atmosphere of ' Respecting teachers and valuing education' by implementing activities such as advocating role models and sharing stories of teachers of high morality. Happiness, fulfillment and a sense of honor is what Zhejiang University aims at spreading among the whole body of its teachers.