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CEE Class 1701 Has a Meeting with the Zhejiang University Branch of the International Students’ Club of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


On the afternoon of March 23rd, 9 civil engineering students from ZJUI went to the Zijingang Campus to meet with the seniors of the Zhejiang University Branch of the International Students’ Club of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). This meeting was to help prepare the students to compete in the 19th “Zhong Tian Cup”, the Undergraduate Structural Design Competition of Zhejiang University.

With the efforts of the CEE1701 class and the assistance of the ASCE of the Zijingang Campus, the students were able to organize a face-to-face meeting. This allowed ZJUI students to have the opportunity to meet directly with the seniors who won the first prize in the national competition and have a chance to be instructed by experienced instructors.

Accompanied by their seniors, ZJUI Civil Engineering students visited the model rooms and studied many of the works under construction. They also visited the models that had achieved excellent results in the national, provincial and ZJU competitions. The students were deeply impressed by their creativity, it is amazing that a 7-gram lattice column can bear a load of up to 5 kilograms. In addition, the exquisite and rigorous calculations written by the previous National Team players impressed the ZJUI students, encouraging their desire to learn this in the future.

ASCE Vice Chairman Chen introduced the students to the history of ASCE's development, explained the specific rules of the structure competition, and answered the questions we may encounter in the actual operation. At the same time, he also expressed a warm welcome for the arrival of ZJUI students, and said, "I hope to continue the long-term and continuous exchanges with the Haining campus." ZJUI students also believe that this event and the last year's communication will be the foundation of the long-term relationship between the International Campus and ASCE.

In addition to Chen’s instruction, the instructor responsible for the structural contest and the senior contestant who won the first prize of last year’s national competition taught the students how to formulate the model for structure competition and some related knowledge. The ZJUI students listened carefully. After sharing, the president also patiently answered the ZJUI students’ questions.

It is everyone’s hope that ZJUI students will have some achievements in the competition and use the game as a valuable experience to light the journey of learning in the future.



Writer: Kaihang Zhang, Peizhen Zheng 

Translator: Tingkai Liu

Photos: Kaihang Zhang, Jiafan He, ASCE