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Four students from ZJUI presented a poem at the XU Zhimo Poetry Festival in Haining, 2016


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"We  meet on the sea of dark night,You on your way,I on mine.Remember if you will,Or, better still,forget.The light exchanged in this encounter." On the afternoon of Nov.19th, four students from ZJUI, Haonan Chen, Yifan Chen, Xihang Wu, and Junhan Zhao, together with two students from the Institute of China Studies, presented a  famous poem at the XU Zhimo Poetry Festival, 2016.  The poem was named Fortuitousness and was written by one of the most renowned romantic poets of 20th-century Chinese literature——XU Zhimo, who was born in Haining.


Four ZJUI students were successful in being selected for performers. After many times rehearsals, the team gave an impressive performance at the award ceremony of the 4th China (Haining)  XU Zhimo Micro-Poetry Contest, together with the students from the Institute of China Studies. They presented in both Chinese and English, and helped bring different languages and cultures to this year's poetry festival.

Haining, XU Zhimo's hometown, holds the Xu Zhimo Poetry Festival on Nov.19 annually, commemorating this poet who belongs to the Crescent Moon literary genre and carrying on the sprit of love, beauty, and freedom, which XU advocated. This year's festival attracted students from King's College, Cambridge, from the Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics, from local high schools and middle schools, and also poetry buffs from all over China. This is the first time that the International Campus, Zhejiang University has participated in the festival.  Our students received high praise for their excellent performance.

By Hang Wu