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Prof. Li Erping Elected Member of ZJU Academic Committee


To promote academic democracy, create a scrupulous academic atmosphere, enhance scholarship and develop the University’s education, the election meeting of ZJU Academic Committee was held on April 21, 2017. Prof. Li Erping was elected a member of the Committee. President Wu Zhaohui awarded letters of appointment to the members and put forward requirements for them. In addition to great academic attainments, a right study style and rigorous scholarship, the Committee members are also required to adhere to professional academic judgments and justly fulfill duties and responsibilities; show solicitude for the University’s development; perform duties diligently, actively participate in the meetings and relevant activities of the Academic Committee, and contribute advice and suggestions to the University.


ZJU Academic Committee is the University’s supreme academic body, consisting of ZJU experts and scholars. The Committee advises on, reviews, appraises and supervises the University’s major academic issues, and is committed to promoting academic democracy, creating a scrupulous academic atmosphere, enhancing scholarship and developing the University’s education.